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In Bed With Faith video – Naughty in red

Another fresh week and time for you to enjoy one more in bed with Faith video with the horny blonde. As you probably know by now, this sexy porn star knows exactly how to treat every one of her fans, that meaning you guys to some very nice scenes of her playing with her hot body, just like Ceara Lynch does! In this scene she seems to have been shopping as she got herself a nice and sexy red lingerie set formed by a top and a pair of tiny panties. Without further due, let’s get this show going yet one more time and see what this naughty lady is all about.

As her inbedwithFaith scene starts this time, she is already seated on the couch and you can see her fondling her big and round boobs. Then she knows what you want to see and so she inserts her expert hand in her panties as she gently rubs her clit turning herself on more and more. Watch her finger fuck herself once again in this update as she moans in the self inflicted pleasure just for you. We’d like to remind you to check out her previous updates as well as you’ll be in for quite some treats, and we guarantee that. Bye guys and see you soon once more! If you liked this video visit website and enjoy watching another gorgeous babe fingering her tight pussy!

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In Bed With Faith videos – Naughty in the kitchen

Hey there once more guys and gals, we bring you some nice and fresh in bed with Faith videos today and as always you get front row seats to the show. For this one the lusty and curvy blonde goes back to her old formula of being solo while playing around with herself and also teasing you. In this one the woman wore a superb and sexy white lingerie set that made her look super cute. And sexy too. Well what can we say, she’s just so good at teasing. In this shoot she’ll be doing some more of her trademark undressing and self pleasing

Faith enters the scene only wearing the aforementioned outfit and starts doing what she knows to do best as she poses around for your viewing pleasure. Take the time to see her as she does this since she’s only getting to the good part a bit later. Eventually she takes herself a seat in the scene and makes her way to her eager pussy. She was really turned on and that cunt of hers was just begging for some attention at this time. Watch her play with herself just for you one more time in this update everyone. Enjoy it like always and come back next week! Wanna see other beautiful amateur gals showing off their goodies? Check out the site!

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InBedWithFaith – Naughty lesbians

Oh boy, do we have a special inbedwithFaith update for you guys today. This time the blonde will have a really special gallery to show off as she’s not alone anymore. For this photo shoot she decided that she needed some help and so she recruited one of her fuck buddies that happens to be also a very sexy woman. This fine day you will get to see these two busty beauties as they will have their fun for your viewing pleasure acting all naughty. Well that and taking care of one another’s sizzling hot bodies for your viewing pleasure.

As any superb scene should start, this in bed with Faith lesbian session starts off with the two superb women kissing passionately for your viewing pleasure. They were also dressed in some very sexy and hot schoolgirl outfits that only served to make them look even more hot. So watch as the two then undress one another even more, and see as they take the time to please one another’s wet pussies. We’re sure you’ll like it and let’s hope that your resident busty blonde will something like this again in the future. See you next time everyone and don’t forget that you can find similar videos and galleries inside website. Enjoy!


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Hot solo masturbation

This week Faith decided to do another special feature for you guys. So take a look at these in bed with Faith pics that we have for you today. The naughty and wild blonde enjoyed her last shoot where she pleased her eager pussy for your enjoyment and today she wanted to have another go at it. Well at least she knows how to put on a show doesn’t she. She was going to be all naked except keeping her thigh high lycra socks on as she was going to do her self pleasing today. So sit back and enjoy the show today guys.


As this inbedwithFaith scene starts the hot blonde is all prepared and ready for you to see the show that she’s about to put on. She will show off her self pleasing skills once more in this one as you get to see every detail of her shoot. So sit back, relax and watch this blonde hottie as she masturbates and fingers her wet cunt just for you today. Enjoy everyone and be sure to not miss our next updates, we’ll have some more fresh scenes with the hot blonde and you will be impressed, we guarantee. Goodbye and see you next week with some more content! Until then cum inside the blog and enjoy watching another slutty chick getting naked in front of the cam and sucking and fucking big cocks!

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InBedWithFaith – Sexy black and pink lingerie

InbedwithFaith comes back once more today. And this time we have some more fresh and steaming hot pictures of the busty blonde that took the porn industry by storm as of late. Today she got herself dressed in a very hot and sexy outfit that made her look even more sexy than usual. Her outfit was composed of a nice mini skirt dress and a pair of pink panties. And they had some back colors too. That’s the color theme that this hot woman wanted to show off today. Let’s get her usual show started once more everyone!

The start of this in bed with Faith porn scene has our blonde roaming around the  set posing all sexy in her outfit. Then she unzips the dress at the back as she exposes her big and round tits for your viewing pleasure. Then as she massages her body, she makes her way down to her pussy and starts to rub it gently. Then as you can imagine the blonde starts to finger fuck herself fast and hard as she knows you are watching, and nothing turns her on more than that. By the end you can imagine that she orgasmed in the sheer pleasure of the self fucking session. Check out blog and enjoy watching another stunning blonde fingering her wet pussy!


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In Bed With Faith – See through panties

Another fresh week and this time we have a treat for you in the form of some in bed with Faith exposed videos this time. The curvy and busty blonde decided to switch things up a bit and give you a full motion show of her strip teasing. It’s also to commemorate her recent accomplishment, as this lady became quite famous lately. And since more and more people seem to flock to her site to se her she wanted to celebrate the fact by doing something special. That special thing is today’s videos that you’ll get to see and we’re sure that you will absolutely love them.


As she was also feeling rather horny, this time she’d be doing a bit more than just showing off her sexy curves for you. Just to not keep you guessing, this horny woman will also rub her pussy at for you today in addition to showing you the rest of her amazing body. So watch her as she spends the whole scenes undressing and masturbating for your viewing pleasure guys. Rest assured that she will be doing this more in the future so be sure not to miss any update. Who knows when she’ll be at it once more. Goodbye and see you next time!

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Faith is horny for you

Today is another fresh start of a brand new week and as always we return with more in bed with Faith pics for you this time. Faith seems to love to try out new things every time and this shoot wasn’t going to be an exception to the rule. In this one you get to see her going for a more glamour style approach to her photo shoot. She even went as far as to change her hair style, getting some nice curs in her long and flowing blonde hair. She even picked out a superb and sexy white lingerie set to make herself look super appetizing for you.

And for this inbedwithFaith pictures you will see her doing her usual routine teasing you with her alluring curves as she undresses. So without any more delays, let’s all sit back and watch her scene today. She takes her spot on the couch on the set and starts to do her thing. And as always she loves to start off with showing off her big and round tits that she knows you all love. Then the sexy blonde lifts her legs in the air as she grants you some nice views of her pussy, making sure that you get a nice and close view of her snatch. Check out the website if you wanna see another busty babe revealing her perfectly shaped body.


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In Bed With Faith – Naughty nurse

This week we have some more in bed with Faith porn coming your way as usual. In this scene the sexy and luscious blonde seems to be going full naughty mode once more as she dressed herself in a nice outfit just for you. This time she decided that she wants to cater to some more of your fantasies and so she got a hold of a nice and sexy nurse’s outfit to wear just for this occasion. And yes, you will be able to see this blonde beauty stripping out of it just for you today. So let’s not postpone this any longer and get this InbedwithFaith show going.


As the cameras start rolling the sexy blonde is on the bed and she’s wearing her nurse outfit. And she starts off by massaging her body while teasing you if you’d like to see more. And since she knows you do, she will reveal more. Watch her as at first she reveals her big boobs massaging them for your enjoyment, and by the end watch her take off all of her sexy outfit. Well that’s about it for this one once more guys, be sure to watch every image in this update and come back again next week. This lady will be waiting for your return with more hot stuff. Check out blog if you are looking for similar galleries. Bye!

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InBedWithFaith – Naked and horny

Hello there once more everyone, we return with another inbedwithFaith scene today for your enjoyment. The naughty blonde wants to put on another show and you get front row seats as usual. So without further due, let’s sit back and watch this beauty at work. Again you get to delve into this superb lady’s bedroom as she will undress to show off her amazing body just for you her perfect boobs are looking just like Merilyn’s impressive juggs. Faith is really excited about this one as well as she has a special treat in store for you this fine day. So let’s sit back and see what she has for you in these in bed with Faith pics this time.

As the scene starts Faith is her usual naughty and wild self, and she’s already waiting for you in her bedroom. AS she sits on the bed she herself tells you that you’ll be in for a treat today and she starts to take off her clothes. This far you could see glimpses of this hot woman’s body, but for today she wants to go the extra mile and just show off her entire body. So watch her posing around nude for your entertainment and admire her naked luscious body everyone. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it and we’ll have more of her next week as well!


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In Bed With Faith – Sexy pink lingerie

Hey there guys, we bring you some more in bed with Faith pics today as you get to see more of this superb blonde. The sexy blonde as you probably figured out by now, loves to put on a very good show. And today after the shower she’s got something special for you as she wants you to get on a tour of her house with her. Well all in all it looks nice, but what she really desires today is to show you her master bedroom in which she gets to do all of her naughty stuff. So without delay, sit back and watch her scene today everyone. We’re sure you’ll love it.


As the scene starts, she also starts her tour. And for this occasion the sexy and busty blonde is dressed the part in some very sexy and kinky pink clothes. As she enters the bedroom she starts to take off her dress as she takes her spot on her bed. And then she reveals her big and juicy breasts at today just for your viewing pleasure everyone. She knows that this is what you came here to see and she makes no big fuss about it either. Watch her solo scene today once more guys and come back next week for more of her!

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